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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Food for Hypertension

Food for Hypertension
The Most important way to have blood pressure under control is to turn to Vegetarianism. Vegetarians in general, have lower blood pressure levels and a lower incidence of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. This is mainly due to the fact a typical vegetarian's diet contains more potassium, complex carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fat, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A. High fiber food ingredients like fenugreek has beneficial effect on lowering cholesterol. In Siddha this is considered anti-Pitham. Generally fruits and vegetables contain potassium. Garlic (One or two cloves) and onion (In food without deep frying and boiling- simple baking) are other two substances that reduce thickening of blood vessels due to fat deposit. Lemongrass tea is refreshing and is a mild diuretic. Lycopene in Tomatoes, Vitamin –C in Indian gooseberry and turmeric are all good as lipid regulators and anti- aging. Once artery is as thihck as their age.
Siddha advocates rock salt (Indhuppu- Syndhia lavana) instead of high sodium table salt. But that also should be used in moderation. Celery seed as spice is good as cumin seed.
Among oils sesame oil is preferred.
Looking for herbal supplement – Commiphora mukul and Arjuna tree bark extract are the top choice. Passiflora fruit drink helps. Bacopa (Jalbhrami) (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) and
Passiflora leaf extract helps calming of mind.
The best of drug less management is Meditation and Pranayama (Breath exercise)
Overweight persons must definitely go for brisk walk and shed few kilos.
Say no to Pizzas, Sweets and deep fried oil rich food and pickles.


Thirunarayanan said...

Drinking a cup of skimmed milk at bedtime is also good as it contains 'Melatonin' a helpful ingredient for calm sleep.

Ganesan.S said...

Very useful info. Thanks. Would honey have any good effects ? Just curious. The following article speaks of bee sting venom as a cure for BP: