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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Field trips and Invited lectures at Department of Dravyaguna, Institute of P G T & R in Ayurveda, of Gujarat Ayurved University. Jamnagar

Dr.T.Thirunarayanan, Siddha physician and Vaidya.S.Usman Ali, Director, Centre for Traditional Medicine & Research, Chennai visited Gujarat Ayurved University from 25th Aug, 2009 to 27th Aug, 2009 for interaction with experts of different institutions and departments of the university on the various Research activities in Indian Medicine. The Department of Dravyaguna has organized lecture by Dr.T.Thirunarayanan on ‘New product Development in Traditional Medicine –Challenges’ on 25th August. Dr. Parameswar Prasad Sharma, Prof. & Head of the department introduced the speaker and the topic. Dr. Tarulata N. Pandya, Dr. Rabinarayan Acharya, Readers of the department, Research scholars and Post-Graduate students of Dravyaguna, Bhaisajyakalpana, Rasashastra, Ayurved pharmacy and Medicinal Plant Sciences attended the lectures and actively interacted with the speaker. Dr.T.Thirunarayanan highlighted the point that new product development is essential due to changing environment, disease pattern and a broad spectrum of people across the globe showing keen interest in Traditional medicine and this should happen without compromising the basic principles of Traditional medicine but adopting to current day requirement. He insisted that these new products should necessarily undergo pre-clinical and clinical trials and all regulatory requirements fulfilled before launch. There was one more lecture on ‘External Therapies of Siddha medicine and similarities with Ayurveda’ on 27th August. The stress was on utilizing the external therapy techniques more frequently in clinical practice so that the recovery is fast.

On 26th August, Vaidya S.Usman Ali led the team of Dravyaguna students to Jam Barda hills on the botanical identification field trip along with Dr.T.Thirunarayanan & Dr. Bhupesh R. Patel, Lecturer of the department. About 100 plants of medicinal value were observed in this 9 kilometer stretch and Dr.S.Usman Ali gave simple clues to establish botanical identity of the plants using certain peculiarities seen in the macroscopic examination and co-existence of some plant with others (Bio-diversity) was also explained. The unique medicinal use of these plants in Siddha practice was highlighted by Dr.T.Thirunarayanan and the use by local community was elaborated by Dr.Bhupesh R.Patel. Students made a listing of plants of Barda hills along with photos and deposited the CD in the department for future reference.

On 27th Vaidya. S.Usman Ali explained the various medicinal tree species planted in the Joggers' park in Jamnagar to the students. Many visitors to the park showed keen interest in the explanations provided and joined the students for the rest of the evening.

The entire three day activities particularly the field trips were well coordinated by Dr. Bhupesh R. Patel, Lecturer of the Dravyaguna department.

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