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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book on External Therapies of Siddha

CTMR publishes a book on External therapies of Siddha Medicine. This 300 page book is published with the financial support of Department of AYUSH. Govt of India. Contents of the book include
1. Signifcance of External therapies
2. Topical applications-Compress, Poultice, Liquid application, Ointment, Medicated Gauze,
Medicated Wick, Paste, Medicated Flour paste, Powder
3. Heat Therapy-Steam Therapy, Medicated Pouch, Fomentation, Fumigation,
4. Ophthalmic application-Collyrium, Eye drops
5. Nasal applications- Nasal drops, Snuff, Blowing
6. Medicated Water and Douch
7. Surgical Procedures-Incision, Probe, Chemical Cautery
8. Bone Setting- Immobilization and Reduction,
9. Blood Letting- Drain and Vene section, Leech application.
10. Physical Therapies-Physical Manipulation, Varmam, Powder Massage
11. External therapies for prevention of disease and promotion of health

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