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Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Medical camp at Tondaiarpet

Krishnabai Jhaver Memorial Trust organized a free medical camp at the backward North chennai area at Captain Mahal -Tondaiarpet on 11th Feb 2011. The Organization has invited CTMR to run the Siddha consultation part of the medical camp. Dr.S.Rajkumar, Chief Medical officer of CTMR - Siddha Health Centre and Dr.Priyadarshini took part in the camp and offered medical advise to 70 patients for various ailments like Acid-peptic disease, arthritis, lumbago, dermatological ailments, ano-rectal diseases. Apart from Siddha, eye clinic, pediatric, Gynecology, dental and Diabetic clinics were also conducted. The deserving patients for taken to Udhi eye hospital for catract surgery.

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