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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

World Diabetes Day -2011 at CTMR

Dr.R.Padmapriya last year took part in a panel discussion which explored approaches of different systems of medicine. This year she proposed to hold the event at out Puzhuthiwakkam centre itself. 14th Nov being a Monday, the first working day of the week, the team decided to have the Awareness Programme on 13th Nov.2011- Sunday. The format of the event was discussed. The structure emerged like a Free medical consultation, and distribution of a well researched siddha medicine, Awareness lecture, Interactive question answer session, A medicinal Plants exhibition and display of organically grown food alternatives primarily minor millets.
Dr. Rajkumar took up the responsibility of designing invitation, banners and communication to various neighborhood newspaper. Dr.T.Thirunarayanan and Vd.S.Usman Ali designed a 16 page booklet on Managing diabetes and living healthy in Tamil. Two Tamil fonts were used and final booklet was ready only the day before. Mr. Adikeswan collected fresh organic herbal material and made the Madhumega churanam under the supervision of Dr. S.Rajkumar.

The Banners were displayed near Railway station and Temples like Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple and Bhuvaneswari temple with high visibility.

Mrs. V.Sundaravalli took charge of the medicinal plants in pot for exhibition and Dr.Sangeetha prepared the signboards for each of them with botanical and Tamil names. Ms.Sumathy of reStore – an Organic food store run by volunteers passionate about organic food and health living arranged for the display along with hand bills.

The individual counselling session on food and exercise was handled by  Dr.Sangeetha. The awareness lecture was delivered by Dr.T.Thirunarayanan with almost 25 years experience in designing a diabetes treatment protocol including a novel drug with plants . It was in the narrative form with interaction from participants

Forty persons consulted the doctors and what was more heartening is the participation of family members of diabetes who wanted to know about the food choices, bursting stress through yoga and meditation, healthy lifestyle as recommended by Siddha science and the questions about fruits to be consumed, vegetables which are to be restricted, oil to be used in cooking, the frequency of use and type of non-vegetarian food. Exercise, duration, type were all discussed.

In spite of high decibel publicity by Multi-nationals Pfizer and Corporate Diabetes hospital with large media support, the number of participants in a neighbor hood event was significant. By way of dissemination through the social network, one associate from Salem. Vasita Siddha Yoga centre conducted an awareness programme in Salem and Dr. Hariharan is organizing one in Sencottai with support of Rotary Club of Coutrallam of which Dr.T.Appranandam of  Siddha Health Foundation is incharge of social services. More events to highlight the cost effective holistic approach of Siddha and Ayurveda in management of Non Communicable lifestyle disorders is needed. This will greatly reduce the cost burden of managing lifestyle disorders.

One Key learning from the event is - Like Cost effective affordable treatment through Siddha, Educative awareness programmes could also be conducted at very low budget.

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Sowmiyanarayanan said...

Respected Doctor
I have been following your advice for diabetes. I happened to read சிறுகுற்ஞ்சான் is good for diabetes and enquired with a Siddha pharmacy about its availability. they showed me Himalaya's Mesha Shringi - Can it be used as supplement to the மதுமேக சூர்ண்ம்