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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Traditional Medicine - Some questions

Recently i addressed students from USA doing their Semester in India Programme. The raised some questions on traditional medicine. I am sure many would have the same questions. So I thought will post the reply here also.

1.What advantages do you see in the philosophies of ayurveda versus the philosophies of biomedicine? 

Ans:Traditional Medicine is based on the priniciples of living in Harmony with nature  and holistic whereas Bio-medicine approach is  more compartmentalized approach with specialist for every body system. TM believes in ' Strong body with good immunity  will take care and fight against invasive mocrobes, carcinogens etc while Bio-medicine aims at killing the invading organism.

2. Do you believe ayurvedic and western medicine institutions should be kept separate?

 No, the ideal model would be a integrative approach where Ayurvedic Physicians and Western  Medicine Physicians sit together, discuss  and provide best possible care to the patient including promotive health, cleansing therapy and rejuvenation.

3. Do you see traditional medicine as superior to other types of medical care? Why or why not?

No system can be claimed to be superior to other. They have to coexist and where ever one system is beneficial in disease prevention and care that system should be adopted. Each system could be complimentary to one another

4. Are there illnesses today that are different from previous generations?

Yes in India. Infectious disease burden and epidemics like Swine flu, Avian flu, dengue, drug resistant tuberculosis goes increasing in one hand and Non communicable diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes is also growing even among rural population due to sedentary lifestyle and occupational hazards for people working in Information Technology  sector is also increasing.

5. Is the "modern person" today in balance?

Certainly not. In spite of enviornment awareness, Modern person lives under continous stress and competition and live in a condition of Global warming, polluted enviornment.

6. Is traditional medicine specifically useful in Indian society, or is it useful anywhere in the modern world?

Nature and Five elements, Trinity of Life, Six tastes are common to the whole world. There may be some variation in climate, pollution level, food habits, stress level etc, That variations could be factored in TM and herbs of tropics may very from temperate zone . But clear application for western herbs is possible based on the Taste and enviornment. Even within India there is a diversity in food culture etc but principles are same.

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