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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dr. K.R.Venkatasubban commemorative lecture

On 3rd Dec 2010. Vd.S.Usman ali, Director of CTMR delivered the Dr. K.R.Venkatasubban commemorative lecture at Madras Christian College. The birth centuary of the great botonist and teacher was the occasion. Vd.S.Usman ali recalled the contributions of Dr.KRV, his research leadership and teaching qualities. He nostalgically displayed a commendation letter issued by the Prof. to him and also recalled Dr. KRV's associates Dr.B.GL.Swamy and Dr. K. Subramanian.
Areas of work of Dr.KRV were
Ø Cytology and chromosome morphology
Ø Extention to Cytotaxonomy and Phylogeny
Ø Phyletic scheme

He Concentrated on
Ø Scitaminaeae
Ø Bignoniaceae
Ø Palmae
Ø Droseraceae
Ø Compositae
1944-1968 at MCC
Ø Head Botany
Ø Curator
Ø I came to know Dr.K.R.V during 1954-55
Ø Became his student from 1956-62
Ø Dr.K.R.V. taught PUC in 1956
Ø Dominated on the black board
Ø Dr. Joshua taught PUC
Ø Practical record work!
Ø No carry to room

Ø He enriched collections to start M.Sc course from 1957.
Ø He cycled with me and Bhatt.
Ø Tambaram-Pallavaram- Vandaloor
Ø Tiruporur- Kovalam-Mahabalipuram

Ø Tours to Krusadi, Ooty, Tenmalai
Ø Moses
Ø Ramdoss.

Ø After 1946-47 his papers did not appear-Reasons!
Ø Paucity of funds, time, People?
What He taught us?
Ø Botany?
Ø English?
Ø Painting?
Painting- The Tropical rain forest- Biometrics

Ø Dr. K.R. Venkatasubban
Ø The human being!
Ø Working machine
Ø No waste- No nonsense- PLAN& DO
Ø Every inch a gentleman!

Ø To everyone- everybody

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