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Friday, December 31, 2010

Herbal Garden at Primary health Centre

Centre for Traditional Medicine & Research, Chennai has initiated a project on establishing a small herbal demonstration and utility garden at Govt. Primary Health Centre, Madhuramangalam, Kanchipuram district.
Dr.T. Thirunarayanan, Secretary CTMR visited the PHC on 31st Dec 2010 and earmarked the area for creating the garden in consultation with the Siddha Medical officer of the PHC Dr.Shameem.
To commence the new year on a green note, Adatoda a popular cough remedy, Galangal a potent pain killer, Costus popularly called the insulin plant, Andrographis- king of bitter, Cissus quadrangularis -useful in osteoarthrosis, Arrow root used in infantile diarrhoea, Aloe vera, Piper betel were planted. Plants like Cardiospermum, Leucus aspera and many others like Vinca rosea, Phyllanthus amarus grown inside the PHC fence were identified
Dr.Shameem assured to extend full cooperation to maintain the garden and utilise the produce for the benefit of patients visiting the centre

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